Understanding And Overcoming Neurasthenia

Many people are almost as much in fear of the word neurasthenia and its meaning as they are of cancer and its meaning. One reason for this is that they have known of one or more people who have had neurasthenia in its most severe form and who have gone from doctor to doctor and still endured the affliction for many months or years. There is no need for this fear regarding neurasthenia.

The term literally means merely loss of nerve strength, but it may mean any degree of reduction of nerve energy and physical strength from the condition slightly below normal to one of nervous prostration or nervous exhaustion. The symptoms of neurasthenia may result from many causes, especially excesses of any kind, perhaps particularly dietetic, also the failure to observe hygienic laws.

Neurasthenia usually develops between early adult life and the age of fifty. Men have it more often than women, though there is no great difference in the two sexes. Apparently many people are born with a more or les…